My Favorite Healthy Breakfast on the Go!


Meal Prep: Breakfast Addition

Breakfast is always last on my mind when it comes to meal prepping and first on my stomach in the morning! Being a college student with a million and one things on her plate usually calls for the cheapest fast food option and a ton of caffeine in the am, both of which are hard on the wallet and the scale! Recently, I have been trying to work on creating healthier options for my husband and I which usually means tons of time in the kitchen and extra strain on our budget! I found myself searching the Pinter-web for a delicious, healthy, quick and affordable breakfast option when I found these delicious parfaits that I could make in no time at all!


This recipe is super easy and budget friendly! I started out with purchasing some low-fat, plain yogurt! When it comes to yogurt, plain without any additives is the best option health-wise but I definitely won’t judge if you get something a little bit more fancy!

The next ingredient is granola of any kind. My grocery store has tons of options for granola and we actually have a section where you can dispense any kind of¬†granola and package it yourself which saves on money and allows you to get the exact amount you need. Next, add in your favorite fruits and some local honey which is entirely optional. We chose strawberries and blueberries because berries tend to be low-cal and give it a very refreshing taste. We bought these mason jars from Walmart for $8 which are sturdy and reusable for almost anything! Finally, pop your parfait in the fridge and grab one on the go! We find that they last several days in the fridge and make you feel satisfied and energized! I hope you enjoyed my post. I can’t wait to post more recipes!


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