My Family’s Famous Banana Bread

As a grocery-shopper with good intentions, I always find myself tossing a few banana’s in my cart to make me feel a bit better about the large varieties of chips and sweets! It never fails, that I look up several days later and find my banana’s turning a rather unappealing shade of brown. Times like […]

What’s On My Nightstand?

  What’s On My Nightstand? They always say that behind every successful woman is a well organized nightstand, or something along those lines. I wont say that I spend a lot of time in bed (I might) but I do like to go to bed early and spend several hours reading or searching Pinterest for […]

My Quick and Easy Nighttime Skincare Routine

I have been getting so many questions about my skincare lately. Working at spa’s since I was in high school really gave me an excellent perspective on skincare and how essential it is at every age.  As you guys know, I am a huge makeup lover and obviously make up looks tons better on clear, well-balanced skin. […]